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Jordon Ibe - Signed on a 2 year deal

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1 hour ago, tomsdubs said:

I think a lot of LBs would have struggled as Cornick is a decent player with good pace, Forsyth still blocked a number of crosses. Both goals came from a cross on the same side of the pitch but apparently Byrne had a great game and Forsyth was terrible.

Exactly 👍🏼

Fozzy did have a tough game against a tough opposite number .. it happens sometimes and is no reflection on Fozzy in general play .. but he wouldn’t be my pick IF you know they have a winger of a certain type. You don’t take your land rover on to the racetrack, but it still a good piece of kit when used sensibly 
I like the look of Byrne too  he’s going to be useful 

2 days on I am thinking we didn’t do too badly considering missing personnel. We had some good patches of play, deserved an away draw against an inform side. .. disappointed we lost but more disappointed by the injuries than anything. 


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1 minute ago, roboto said:

Why is he getting in a car? It's walking distance to the stadium...

Really don't want him here if he isn't even going to think about the harm he's doing to the planet.

If he really wanted to sign he would have insisted on mel scattering broken glass on the roads and pavements for him to walk over to get here. Paul Connolly style....

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2 minutes ago, philmycocu said:

Medical done, Photoshoot at the ground?

even if you were going to Moor Farm, if you came by train you would still get off at the station and its is easier to be picked up from the back of the station....still until I see an official picture I will wait, photoshopping is getting a little bit good these days 

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