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Changing your mind


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Yeah, loads. Most recently on Cocu because of people pointing out some of the things he's been up against that I would forget if left to reflect on what is imo a weak chance of promotion/play offs. 

I could well become an even bigger moaner if left unchecked based on the football under him. 

Nostalgia makes me think of Lampard much better than he was but Duracell reminded me of some of the stupid rush passing we did. And there were a lot of crap performances that I thought we'd never pick up from. Leeds away in the league is easy to forget now but it happened. On TV anorl. Kinda forget all that when thinking back

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Change my mind on things, not so much, but, having alternative points of view explained and discussed I find I'm usually able to see the other side of the debate and it helps moderate things. But then I'm not the sort to get entrenched and go down as "this is my hill to die on, but Waghorn is more usefull on the wing even though he's not a winger" for the sake of it.

At least in terms of football anyway.

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