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Season Ticket Update / Refunds

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8 hours ago, cheron85 said:

I don't usually like to disagree with you but we renewed in February when they hadn't even closed the grounds yet (but I fully admit we started to see warning signs)

That said - I'm happy to go with whatever the club thinks is best and if that means watching the games from the comfort of my flat in London (and saving money on train fare!) I can live with that

my mistake, had it in my head that renewals started in lockdown, apologies.

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I was pondering what to do about my refunds, i purchase three season tickets one adult and two in the teenage category and i was going to apply for the discount on this years tickets but the bloody EFL has so enraged me i think i will tell the club to keep it and use it to shove a red hot poker up there arses when we are given the all clear again.

I understand a few fans think that Mel was wrong in giving the statement he did after the first decision talking about being an enemy of the EFL state but i think he was standing up for himself and the club which has been dragged through the gutter of late. 

I believe this is a deliberate action and will cause more bad feelings against us from other clubs because s@@t sticks when its thrown,so Mel if you want a hand with the poker give us a shout and i will make them all bloody squeal .

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14 minutes ago, Paul71 said:

While us UK fans who attend matches cant attend, why should overseas fans still continue to receive preferential treatment? Not Derbys fault, the EFL again.

I cant attend the match, some guy in the states cant, why should he get it for £5 and i have to pay £10? Totally unfair.

Isn’t it free if you have a season ticket?

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17 minutes ago, CornwallRam said:

Got two codes - one for me and one for my daughter. I think the club are in a really difficult situation, but I can't help feeling a bit short changed.

You could have just cancelled one of the season tickets for this season? All seats are being saved for the 2021/22 Season. 

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36 minutes ago, Wolfie20 said:

Why ever not?

Because I am stuck in the ar5e-end of rural Blighty, where they call biscuits “knobs” (I bet that gets censored!), and keep getting dragged closer and closer to higher and higher cliff tops as each day passes. I doubt I’ll still be around by the weekend!  🤣

Edited by Mucker1884
Knob, knob, knob! 😀
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