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Not really want to get into any sort of Keogh debate but noticed that his partner posted 4 days ago that he’s presumably kicking a ball about now, as no one has seemed to notice I thought it was worth mentioning. Don’t know if he’s ahead of schedule or not, but looks like he will is going to get a career back. 

*I was SO close to calling this thread Limp D***. 

**I scribbled out his instagram page because it’s a private account and thought it was probably best to keep it covered. As his partners account is a public one I haven’t scribbled out hers.

***i don’t follow her on Instagram, I  follow Waghorn and think it algorithm’d it’s way to me!


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4 minutes ago, RoyMac5 said:

Well good. But I bet Cocu is glad he's gone, can't be impressed with his behaviour surely?

My take is we have missed him, without any doubt, but glad we are moving on. Hope he can make a career for himself, hope one day we can show appreciation for his consistent performances year in/year out. But yeah...best for all parties to move forward.

And thus...youve dragged me into a debate haha!

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1 hour ago, RoyMac5 said:

It's been on another thread already:


I was going to suggest the Administrators merge this thread with the other one on Keogh's recovery and then....

53 minutes ago, Millenniumram said:

Probably still turns quicker than Chris Martin 👀

If all the threads about Chris Martin were merged, there would only be one thread throughout the whole forum.

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7 hours ago, Woodley Ram said:

I wish him well he did well for the club and I’m a bit ashamed about how he was dealt with

I like Richard k as a player for us , stood up for him when people with a different opinion stayed him but do me a favour ,,,, HE LET THE CLUB DOWN ,that means the people who pay his wages , the fans , his team mates who didn’t behave like spoilt brats ,

now I wish him well going forward but if anybody should feel shame it’s keough not the club 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Former Derby County defender Richard Keogh is attracting the interest of League One side Ipswich Town.

According to respected Ipswich site TWTD, the Blues are one of several clubs chasing the free agent who is looking for a new club following his departure from Pride Park.

He is currently in a dispute with the Rams after they rejected his appeal to have dismissal overturned and the case is now set to be heard by the EFL.

Keogh suffered a season-ending knee injury in the incident but is on the way back to fitness and is anticipated to be back in November.


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26 minutes ago, RoyMac5 said:

If that's the case, i'm anticipating some sort of settlement incoming.  I suspected that may happen. He can't earn a wage elsewhere while he's still a player here I wouldn't think. Suits both parties so we can crack on knowing how much we have to utilise wage wise and he can get a final 3 year contract elsewhere.  

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