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I was just about to share these tweets myself. I’ve been expecting to see the retained list for a while now (usually early June). I know things are a bit different for the first team and we’ve heard who’s set to stay on or not, but some U18s/23s would still be set to leave the club. Maybe they’ll release the list tomorrow with the hope of agreeing a new deal with Huddlestone.

It’s a shame to see Barnes and Babos leave but not surprising given their age. As long as they keep pushing themselves I’m sure they’ll make a career for themselves in the Football League. 

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Best of luck for the future to Babos and Barnes... just didn’t quite have enough to make that final step up to the first team. 

Shame to see Huddlestone go. Still think he would have had something to offer short term as a backup option/ working with the younger players in training. Regardless, no matter what you think about Huddlestone’s ability now, you’ve got to admit he’s probably the best player to come through our ranks in a generation. We should be very proud to have had an England international come through our academy, as well as play a large chunk of his career in a Derby shirt. The way he could pass a ball when at his very best won’t be something we forget for a while.

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29 minutes ago, Charlie George said:

A shame Babos got caught in the manager merry go round mayhem. If he got his chance early on I think he'd have got a regular spot in the side.

Be interesting how it goes for him now. Good luck to the lad.

I think Vernam got caught up in this too. He is starting to score some great goals for Grimsby.  

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43 minutes ago, rammieib said:

Huddlestone for the rest of the season (Is this now not allowed?) is even more imperative now we have lost Wisdom.

Literally who falls into the right sided spot if Davies gets injured?

It’s not possible now. 

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46 minutes ago, Black ('n' White) Sheep said:

Huddlestone would still be a class act in a team where he has time on the ball. It's just that that's one luxury you don't get in the Championship!

Can see him moving abroad to a lower Serie A team or similar and still having a couple of good years left in him.

Yep. He’s still a Rolls Royce of a player when the game suits him. The hectic nature of the champ does him no favours.

Surprised he hasn’t tried a stint abroad in a league that suits his style.

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