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Live football thread.

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On 17/01/2021 at 17:02, SKRam said:

Wow look at that pitch at Anfield. You can even play the ball on the deck ..... I thought ours was awful last night . As far as I recall Derby don’t have a rugby team 

No one on here has an explanation? 

I can think of two reasons - Used to be maintained regularly by a local turfing company .  If there not getting paid, there probably not coming or Derby have failed in there experiment to mix regular and synthetic grass, once again they probably did this to save cash on reason A.

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40 minutes ago, Van der MoodHoover said:

Made the performance by our 6th and 7th stringers look fairly reasonable.


Very true, a lot of fans (myself included) didn't give the youngsters enough credit after our tie. Last night's game made me think a bit more about it and appreciate what our predominantly teenaged team were up against

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Why are Arsenal so poor? Just watched the first half of their game against Southampton and thy barely got out of their own half.

I've not really been following the fortunes of PL clubs, who actually plays for them nowadays etc, I couldn't tell you anything about 70% of the names I see mentioned.

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