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13 minutes ago, reverendo de duivel said:

Lifelong Forest fan and past season ticket holder, yet is allowed to ref games between us because he's from Lincolnshire FA.

I knew he was from the Nottinghamshire area. Maybe we should have him refereeing more of our games - 8 wins and 2 draws from 12 matches, with no red cards.

Still crap though.

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1 minute ago, Wolfie20 said:

Lowe off injured after less than 20 minutes


BBC: Max Lowe is really in the wars today. He is down again. Not sure if this is repercussions from the blow to the chin he took early in the game? Gotta be careful with a head injury.

That is his game over. Shame for the lad on his Premier League debut.


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3 hours ago, Topram said:

Bogle still not in Sheff united side 

He is not a good defender, at least he has an awful lot to learn in that department. In the Premier League I fear his weaknesses will be exposed again and again. His strength was always going forward with the ball at his feet.

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Just now, Wolfie20 said:

....which is probably why Wilder signed him - to play wing-back in a 5?

Would definitely suit him more than playing in a back 4.  Still you'd expect a wing back to have to defend from time to time.  We'll see how it works out for him, I genuinely hope he does well. 

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