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Frank hasn't let me down tonight. I know it won't be a popular opinion on here but I am really pleased for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. Worthy champions.

So no one has to actually watch it.  

Crazy to think Lampard's won more league titles for Liverpool than Gerrard has

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On 02/08/2020 at 16:07, angieram said:

Great start to second half - County back in it.

How was the game @angieram ? 
I’ve just checked the score, was partaking in some alcohol yesterday and forgot to check.   Brilliant!  

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On 01/08/2020 at 19:35, Mafiabob said:

What amazes me is the amount of media that blow up Lamps and co backside - quick to give ref grief - some of the state I’ve seen on twitter today.

I would love to see some folk actually take charge of a few football games.....

I’d import the Rugby League refs, and they could stick to RL rules too 

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On 02/08/2020 at 11:29, Alpha said:

He wears make up

You can't be a target man and be beautiful. He's a con. 

(I actually think he's improved massively from his early Arsenal days but I can't go back on my assessment without accepting I was wrong. So..)

He's French, he uses every beauty product, he doesn't score enough and if he's not as good as a fit Andy Carroll at what he does. Put Glenn Murray in a Chelsea shirt and Giroud can go back to presenting Big Brother, Xtra Factor and the new Supermarket Sweep. 

Outrageous comments. 

How would Glenn Murray supplant him, he doesn't even have any hair?

Giroud has lovely hair, not to mention a great well kept beard. You'd assume a Frenchman's facial hair might pong a bit, what with all the cheese, garlic, surrendering and Molluscs they get through, but I bet he uses a small comb after meals to tidy up, and probably a squirt of Lynx Africa.

Him and Marcus Alonso must be a nightmare on an away day, you're sitting on the coach for a good half hour while those two blow dry and tease locks into place.

Chris Martin has become the same, adding lovely locks to his all round game, probably why we've chosen not to renew his contract, I wouldn't be surprised if Wazza has been in Cocu's ear tbh.

I wouldn't be surprised if we started next season with Gough and Warne upfront.


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