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Rate the last film you saw partie deux

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6 minutes ago, Tamworthram said:

Against my better judgement and out of boredom I've decided to slum it and watch a film starring the worst actor ever, that Elvis Presley impersonator wannabe - Nicolas Cage. 

An old film: Wild at Heart.

Possibly the worst film I have ever seen in terms of storyline, acting and directing (David Lynch).

To describe it as Blackman/10 would be an insult to Nick Blackman. 

I like that film. Styled in an odd way but entertaining. 


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1 hour ago, Chester40 said:

The Others. 

Wanted to watch a scary movie that wasnt rated 15+

Even better than I remembered. Atmospheric and gripping with a good twist. 8.5/10

Absolutely took my breath away when I watched years back. Might have to dig it out and watch it again. Captivating film. 

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On 09/10/2020 at 17:26, TexasRam said:

The lonely bones,  Dean Saunders/10 

If you have a daughter you will cry, guaranteed 

Agreed. Same for Interstellar (for me, anyway).

Watched it first time at the cinema with mates - no problem. Saw it again at home (on my own) a few months later and was a blubbing mess by the end.


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On 01/10/2020 at 13:23, JoetheRam said:

Dinner for Schmucks

Carrell and Rudd... make an utter dud.

Jack Marriott/10.


I know it’s not a good movie, so I can understand your view, but I love that movie. My wife and I watch it once a year and laugh every time.

Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd are enjoyable actors. Funny how I movie can be that way. 

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22 minutes ago, Ramslad1992 said:

Cocu for about the 10th time this week since it’s the daughters newest favourite.

a really good film with some catchy songs and a good story line.

at least it’s not Frozen/10

I had no idea what you were on about so googled it...


I am assuming its a typo or your daughter has a very strange taste in movies 🤣

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The Favourite

Saw this on a flight & finally got round to watching it on a big screen last night - which made the cinematography all the more impressive.

Period dramas are normally really not my thing but I love this film. Great performances all round, wonderful script, too and the look of the film is great, as I said.


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