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3 hours ago, Rab a dab doo said:

Has he signed yet ?

He must be getting bored in Burnley, with nothing to do and nothing to look forward to.

Surely anything better than that.

Nope, I hear our superb scouting team we’re watching the Dortmund game the other day, and after seeing the Schalke goalkeepers incredible distribution, they decided to sign him up instead.

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On 22/04/2020 at 20:02, DCFC1388 said:

I think every team he has joined since leaving City he has probably taken a paycut. He clearly wants to play fpptball and is also someone who started out in the football league so i doubt would turn his nose up at it plus we have Rooney. He is on a free which will mean a little more money towards wages imo.

For example, if he was on £25k a week on a 3 year deal, that would cost us £3.9m total. Even 30k a week it would be £4.68m

Can we really get a better and experienced keeper for that much with a combined transfer fee and wage? 25k p/w is the equivalent to buying a keeper for 1.5m on 15k p/w. Or at 30k its a keeper at 2m on 17k p/w. Cant see us getting a keeper as good for that type of fee/wage.

Also, how many times can we use the 32red star player clause? Once a season or once overall? 


I honestly thought that was a clever play on words for FFP and Football then, rather than a mistype. FFPtball is what I think the EFL have got the majority of the clubs at this level playing, certainly seems to be one of the main talking points. I like it. 

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Some hartless comments on here. I, myself am halfharted about this transfer unless he defers big money till we get promoted to the Prem. We need to hang on until EFL decide any possible penality and if need be we have appealed. Surely this is the Covid19-20 season. There should be fewer injuries with social distancing in place. Promotion is s theoretical possibility if our out of contract players are still in contract until end of this season. COYR

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