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I reckon there is a good chance if he carries on improving and doesn't pick up any major injuries you are correct , also think he has the potential to become a better player for us than Hughes was if he stays for a few more years.

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Genuinely had tears in my eyes (although I'd like to point out that I didn't let them roll down my cheeks, I wasn't crying!) immediately after the goal. I guess it's one of those things whereby watching a player progress through the ranks (largely down to Rams TV and @sage taking me to St George's Park) you become more aware of their ability and more involved in watching their progress.

By his own admission he's struggled to play his own game when stepping up to the first team squad, so his inclusion has had to be handled correctly. I'm not sure that  if Lawrence wasn't injured he'd have started today, but even so trusting him to start against Man Utd seems to have been beneficial in that regard.

I just wish people have more faith, more trust in the manager sometimes that the decisions he makes are genuinely meant to be for the better of Derby County.

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I know a few of us have been high on Sibley for a while. He caught my eye the very first time I saw him and he’s been my pick of the bunch throughout the last couple of seasons at youth level. 

He has struggled to really impact the way I would like in his few appearances, but a breakthrough performance against United and a first goal today will open the floodgates open. 

He’s an enormous talent. The saviour of Derby County Football Club, albeit the supporting cast are also extremely good. 

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I've been trying to think of which player Sibley reminds me of the most and I keep coming back to Paul Scholes. If he turns into even half the player Scholes was I will be ecstatic. Fortunately, I think that is very possible for him, with the right career path and coaching.

His runs forward and composure on the ball for someone so young are amazing. His tenacity is also something we shouldn't take out of his game. He'll get a few cards here and there, but his overall quality and game will be hindered if you make him tame that part of his game. I'm sure in time the fully finished player will be a key player for England and a top Champions League team, but I'd love him to stay at Derby for as long as possible, perhaps even take us to the promised land and Europe along the way.

Apologies for the happy clapper opinion. Today is a good day.

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