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Man City 2 Year UEFA Competition ban

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Just now, David said:

City taking it to CAS which is expected, won’t that suspend the punishment? Either way I can see Pep leaving this summer now.

They’ll probably get it reduced by half like what happened to Chelsea and the transfer two window ban.

As for the money, it’s like telling @David that he’s got to only buy Apple devices as a kind of punishment.


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11 minutes ago, ViewsFromTheMiddle said:

Beat me to it 🙄

Be interesting to see how this works out though. England loses a CL place or give it to 5th? Could be incredible news for Sheff Utd.

Passes over to the next highest placed team. Knock-on effect for Europa League

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17 minutes ago, Pearl Ram said:

Will we just get a ban from the Carabou Cup and a fine then ? 🤔

Well get a ban from the Derbyshire Senior Cup and cannot compete for the BC Trophy for 2 seasons.

(Now we'll see @Red_Dawn popping in to remind us we haven't competed for the last 2 seasons anyway....🤣)

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It’s great news.

It keeps the season and the European dream alive for so many teams.

Sheff Utd and Wolves can take a stab at securing the two remaining Champions League spots.

Depending on how the two domestic cups go, in theory, you could also finish 7th and 8th and qualify for European football.

A great incentive for the likes of Newcastle, Everton, Burnley, Southampton and Palace to all continue pushing for wins and to finish as strongly as possible.

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I don't like this.

It has all come about as a result of a German Magazine obtaining hacked emails and publishing a story.

I hope the magazine has been punished for their part in this, if there was wrong doing on Man City's part it should not have taken the actions of a third party (publishing a story obtained as a result of an illegal act) to bring it to light, a bit like our situation which is clearly as a result of Gibson making a complaint.

You have the likes of Platini moaning about clubs gaining a competitive advantage from having rich owners, when what he really means is 'we dont like other clubs coming along and threatening the 'elite' clubs'

Its all about attempting to maintain the status quo.

I do like the fact that Sheff Utd could benefit, its sort of good karma after the debacle with West Ham, but I hope Man City appeal and win the appeal.

Surely the appeal has to happen soon though, they can't do it once the season is over as thats not fair on other clubs.



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