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I went to Budapest nine years ago, so my memory is a little foggy.

Definitely agree with all of the above sentiments - it’s a beautiful city and the nightlife is very good.

What I liked the most is its location. You can visit some really nice cities with Budapest being your base. For instance, Prague and Vienna.

Myself, I took the overnight train to Belgrade in Serbia. Belgrade is really cool. I actually liked it more than Budapest.

Probably because of the women. 😂

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9 hours ago, reverendo de duivel said:

Let me guess, Stag Do?

The good thing about a long stay, you soon pick up the local habit and avoid the tourist traps.


no, just a weekend break away with some mates. The thing is one of my mates is minted and spends a fortune on the dancers, they'd have made more money legitimately by not ripping us off!

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On 03/02/2020 at 21:09, Ghost of Clough said:

Don’t forget to try some Hungarian sausage. My girlfriend tells me it’s her favourite kind of sausage

Ah well, at least she loves you, right? 

On 07/02/2020 at 20:02, Van Cone De Head said:

Your missing that Northern cuisine mate?


Holy fook what on god's green is that. It looks like three dogs with increasingly serious bowel issues have dumped one on top of the other. 

On thread, as @Kernow mentioned, the Ruins bars are lush. If you're going to do a few you can get a tour ticket for around a tenner which includes some free drinks and money off vouchers but you do lose a bit of freedom.

The evening river cruises are cool - it's beautiful at night and a great way to see some f the prettiest parts of the city. If you happen to be with a fair maiden one night you can do a gastro version which is pricey but the food was spectacular. There are some really good eateries so ignore @Angry Ram as his diet is exclusively made up of oysters, Beluga and foie gras typically washed down with vintage Bolly. He wouldn't feed his dog goulash. TripAdvisor can be your friend in avoiding gash restaurants.

There are some covered markets as I recall with lots of tastings so if you're there a while it might make sense to indulge so you get to at least know which foods you like and which you don't.

Budget entertainment would be walking - it's a great place to simply bimble around and like a lot of countries in the region, it always seemed chock full of stupidly attractive and exotic looking girls so there's that too. 😍

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