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3 minutes ago, Mountain Ram said:

When we signed Rooney I wasn’t expecting to see him play like Pirlo! 

Drags opposition players out of position and plays some killer balls. 

The way he was pulling to the left hand side in the first twenty minutes and directing Fozzy where to go was so refreshing to see. He dictated everything.....absolute class performance but he was not the only one. 

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There was a home game last season with Cole where he looked like THE Ashley Cole and I remember saying at the time that it was a special memory to say you saw a great Ashley Cole performance in a Derby shirt.

After tonight you can say you saw Wayne Rooney put on a football masterclass in a Derby shirt. He was stunningly good.

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11 minutes ago, rammieib said:

He's just so smart.

Also I think his discipline is perfectly fine - 1 yellow in 7 games is it?

He's incredibly clever. Last time I saw anything comparable was Hughes under Mac 1. 

The way he can create space for himself so quickly is great to watch. Sat tonight trying to watch how he can be tightly marked and with the perfect touch he's got himself so much space. 

His radar is better than anything I've seen in years. 

Pleasure to watch him talk to other players and manage them

The guy is way ahead of any players you see down here in that department. His marking and cutting passing lanes. What a player. 

I mean his legs have gone but I want Mel extending his contract! 🤩

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