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v Northampton Town (A) - Matchday Thread

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2 minutes ago, ViewsFromTheMiddle said:

Former red dog Paul Anderson in the Northampton side.

Didn’t he break his arm at Pride Park one year?

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30 minutes ago, rammieib said:

Circa 100 restaurants to choose from - everyone booked up, so in the Sainsburys cafe as I refuse to do the unhealthy food of KFC/McDonalds.

Nothing wrong with a bit of Unlucky Fried Kitten mate!

19 minutes ago, Angry Ram said:

Come and say hello.  


Who's the bloke trying to knit a zebra?

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9 minutes ago, Shuff264 said:

That's a big back 4, surprised Huddlestone doesn't get a game.

Looks like a diamond?

Need it against this lot!


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Very interesting lineup, difficult to work out the formation we’ll be playing. Strong team though which is good to see. Only real concern is Davies and Forsyth at the back, but think Cocu is deffo taking things seriously with that team.

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The midfield is going to have so much energy around Rooney, with Sibley, Bird and Knight all buzzing around. Martin should also get a lot of support in runners from Sibley and Knight, and he always thrived off having people around him. Marriott too. Slightly worried about that defense though. It's very slow.

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