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Roy McFarland - signed from Tranmere Rovers


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? but it was a while back....  In August 1967 young lad called Roy Macfarland. 

can we have another like him in the next fortnight please because there is a distinct lack of action atm ( is there a sulky pout emoji ) 


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7 minutes ago, Steve How Hard? said:

Boooooo!!! Changing the thread title before everyone else was sucked in like me. Good work @jono, you baited a few of us. ?

Ackkk so I got found out , too soon too soon. ????. Who changed the thread title ? Mods ? Bet that is in my secret contributor file ☠️

yesssss Andy I do. .. regularly. 

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13 minutes ago, IslandExile said:

If you've only just caught up with that news, you're going to love what happens next.

Seriously I do think the club is on the cusp of a big change. Some harsh reality in terms of cash and the rules but at the same time some interesting young players coming through in numbers .. not just a Will type gem but a handful. 

it’s been stilted for a while but there is a vigour that’s is creeping in to our game. .. we won’t become a force overnight because of this, or by being happy clappy but we live in interesting times. I see more to hope for than to dread. 

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