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Chris Martin Joins Elite List

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Chris Martin's winning goal against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on Sunday sent Derby County into round four of the FA Cup. 

The clever finish from six yards put the striker into the top 20 the club's all-time scorers.

Martin has scored 69 times for the Rams and moves alongside Douglas 'Dally' Duncan.

The last player to break into the top-20 list was Bobby Davison, who had two spells at Derby in the Eighties and then on loan in the early Nineties.



1      Steve Bloomer        332

2      Kevin Hector           201 

3      Jack Bowers           183 

4      Harry Bedford         152 

5      Jack Stamps           126 

6=    Alf Bentley               112 

        Alan Durban            112

8      Sammy Crooks        111 

9      Jack Parry                110

10     Bobby Davison         106

11    Jack Whitehouse         86 

12    John Goodall               85 

13    Alan Hinton                  83 

14    Jimmy Moore               82 

15    John O'Hare                81 

16    Horace Barnes            78 

17    Bill Curry                     76 

18    Harry Leonard             73 

19    Jimmy Bauchop          72

20=  Douglas Duncan       69 

         Chris Martin              69

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Sith Happens
3 minutes ago, atherstoneram said:

For a minute there seeing the name of this topic i thought he had joined a dating website

Looking at how many goals it might still be

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A great achievement.  Well done that man.

As an aside... off the top of my head, I think my favourite goal of his wasn't actually a goal of his!  That rebound off the bar, on to the keeper and in... Brighton PO Semi 1st leg.  The crowd reaction still gives me goose bumps!  

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Great achievement.

On a slight tangent, do we have one of the highest all-time scorers records in the country? I remember being surprised when Lampard broke Chelsea's that it was in the low 200s. Even Rooney's record for United is 253. I highly doubt that Bloomer's record will ever be broken.

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