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The Politics Thread 2020

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On 14/01/2020 at 23:33, uttoxram75 said:

No one's talking about communism. The private sector will still make washing powder, cars, biscuits etc....I'm suggesting that what I call vital public services, things we need to run the country in a civilised way, future energy decisions for instance can't just be taken with the profit margin as the main factor.

Doctors surgeries now employ Business Managers, not all decisions are guaranteed to be in the patients best interests, the practice has to balance its books......

As a country, our government should have the best interests of the people who live here as the guiding principle. Red lining the important things  would take the pressure off the professionals who run the system and allow decisions to be made that may seem expensive to start with but turns out to save in the long run.


Good article I stumbled across today which explains a lot of my feelings about public services. To me, this is the real "take back control" vision i believe in.

Worth a quick look lads no matter what your politics are.


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