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Lame Duck Loans

May Contain Nuts

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13 minutes ago, Coconut said:

If you named the lowest quality, least effective and most pointless Derby County loan signings of the past 40 years...

...where would Kieran Dowell stand?

I haven't created this purely to poo on KD, he's just the most recent example.


If they're bad, they're so forgettable that it's hard to compare. Dowell definitely seems the worst to me right now but I also recall feeling loans in the past were pointless - I just have no recollection of who or when. ? 

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There’s a lot of exaggeration on this forum at times. But I really don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that we haven’t made a loan signing worse than Dowell. He’s Leon Best level bad, and that really is saying something. I mean, he’s just absolutely woeful. He stand out as being poo even in our poo team.

There’s not a single thing I can see watching him that makes me understand what the recruitment team saw him in. He can’t pass, he can’t shoot, he’s slow, he’s got no vision, he doesn’t press, he weak and worst of all he doesn’t even look remotely arsed about any of it. I thought he’d be bad having watched him a few times, but I didn’t think he’d be quite this terrible. In fact, at times it almost hilarious how someone that poor is registered an Everton player. He’s totally out his depth at this level. Just shows how bad the recruitment team is that they thought someone as utterly abjectly awful as Dowell could fill our hole in midfield. Sackable offence that signing.

The fact theres even a debate to be had over whether Dowell is the worst recent loan signing or not shows how bad our recruitment has been for a long time mind. We’ve had too many signings who are just horrendous and far worse than their predecessors, and that’s lead to our squad getting worse and worse over time until we’ve reached the point that we’re at now. Josefzoon is another, 2.5 mil man!! We need to put a lot more focus on recruitment than we currently do as a club imo. Seems to me to take too much of a back seat in the minds of those at the top, the fact we don’t have a dedicated foreign scout is just shameful. Good recruitment is vital and it’s about time we started treating it as such, rather than the half arsed attempt we’ve had towards it in recent year. Personally, I want a dedicated DOF appointed, and a new (larger!) scouting and analytic team to work under him in a department solely focused towards bringing in top talent, from here and abroad.

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48 minutes ago, CornwallRam said:

Who was the Man City full back we got in 'that season' who got injured in his first game but we had to pay him for the rest of the season? That was the worse loan ever, but Dowell is a good contender for 2nd place.

Danny Mills?

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