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Rooney predictions before he has kicked a ball


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So the greatest goalscorer England has ever produced is going to play for us in a few short weeks. 

For easy reference to come back later to ...what is everyone predicting will be his impact...? 

Bit-part and a handful of goals before him saying he can no longer cut it and retiring?  Bags of goals and taking us up through the play offs? Frustration as he toils brilliantly in an advanced role with no one converting the chances he creates and deciding to leave for a better chance of promotion? Cocu getting the boot in a few weeks and Rooney stepping in til the summer??? 

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He's personally coming into a no lose situation. If he fails to kick start our season it will be fair to claim that no player on the planet could galvanise this current shower. However if he does manage to take us on an unbeaten run then he'll be lauded as a hero forever in Derby County folklore. It's just gotta be the latter just to watch the meltdown of the rest of the division. 

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We’re all contemplating this now. Not many won’t be relishing the potential impact. 
And yep who can begin to predict. Viewing him in the dug out he looks like he cannot wait. He loves the game we all know that, and at any level, I reckon he’s desperate to see how he goes. Of course opposition will try and wind him up, he’s only human so sometimes I think he may snap but his experience and knowledge now suggest to me he’ll be sublime, some bias there too obviously. 
Wonder how he’s gonna handle some of these refs, and taking advice from the captain ...... Hmmm not sure how that’ll go. 
Also, imagine if we were top and running away with it (imagine ??) be more difficult fitting him in. The fact that we are mediocre I think he’ll relish also to do his bit to lift the squad on match days. 
Brilliant!  Bring it on for our Wayne 

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