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Fulham (A) vs Derby - Match Thread

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12 minutes ago, Ruda Harliss said:


so we both agree Fulham and Derby are better than Preston 🤔

We are better than our performance tonight so far.  I don’t know where you’re going with this. If you have something to say about our team just say it!

I just simply said that Fulham are better than Preston so I don't see why you had an issue with this statement. 

We beat Preston but unlikely to be able to beat Fulham as they are better than us as looks evident from 48 minutes of football. 

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3 minutes ago, Mos_Ram said:

Roos’ major flaw is something that I’m afraid can’t be coached out. He is simply not brave enough. This has an impact on his decision making and ability to command his six yard back. He seems terrified of getting in the mixer.


His major floor is his goalkeeping 

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5 minutes ago, PhilGeeWasMyIdol said:

I'm not watching so this is a genuine question, not intended to incite anyone or cause disgruntlement, but are we missing you know who at the back? Or is that so obvious I shouldn't even have said it. He often turned up in games like this.

Yep, bring back Taribo! Or did you mean Paul McGrath?

Seriously though, have you forgotten all of the defensive collapses that happened in tough games while he was here? There were plenty of games where we conceded 3 or 4 and he offered no particular organisation or resistance.

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