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Cocu “don’t expect we are going to sign 3 or 4 players”

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4 minutes ago, ramsbottom said:

I'm struggling to remember a January signing that actually worked and brought value for money.  Maybe Dawkins as he officially signed after his loan spell?

We've had some decent loans though.

Thorne, Ince, Wisdom spring to mind.

A couple of Loans we've a chance of buying if it works out would be nice, gives us a head start next summer too.

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Can definitely see Cocus point here- we have a number of talented u23s who have to be considered for a role in the first team, so we don’t want to be making loads of unnecessary signings to block their paths. January as a window is also notoriously difficult to get decent business done in, so really it has to be the less busy of the two windows if possible. Should be a window used to make tweaks to your squad, rather than rebuilds which are best left to the summer. 

That said however, there are still some gaping holes in our team imo that need filling, and need filling quickly. While theres various weaknesses that can be left until the summer to address when we’ve got more time to sort them, there’s also a couple of areas in the squad that are really concerning and it’s more important we do something to address them sooner than the summer (Such as at CB). So personally, while I agree with Cocus general principle in terms of his long term philosophy with the academy, imo I can see justification for 3-4 signings in January, so I’m still a little disappointed if we don’t do anything- especially if there’s still a chance of us doing something this season. 

In fairness mind, we normally get this sort of statement before every window. It’s the standard thing to do really, come out and say you don’t need anything, then if you go in for a deal you won’t get ripped off as clubs will think you won’t hang around. If you come out and say “we’re bloody desperate for signings and we’ll be fighting for anyone we can get” then quite obviously any clubs gonna see you coming from a mile off and hike their price up, knowing you’ll pay it. Personally, I don’t buy the statement is any more than that (and I think making such a statement is exactly the right move!). My crystal ball is telling me we get 3 signings in January- Marquee CB early doors to replace Keogh, a right winger (possibly on loan) around deadline day, and a cover right back to replace wisdom who we shift on to free up some wages. We’ll see if I’m right.

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1 hour ago, David said:

I know this will disappoint some but I’m actually happy to hear it. You can waste so much money desperately chasing in January, really not the month to start bringing in large numbers of players.

In contrast spending big one very good player like Villa did on wages and loan fee for Mings last year and Mitrovic the year before with Fulham can be the difference. Last two seasons I think we have missed out based on our decision not to make a key signing in January to freshen things up. Very much agree though we don’t need quantity. Spend big on quality is the key to a successful second half of the season. 

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