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Forest (A) Match Thread

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1 minute ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

That's just chucking the baby out with the bath water. Why stop it completely?

Because obviously we can’t do it very well, hence why we are losing today and are mid table. 

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1 minute ago, Paul71 said:

At least your happy then

Get it it up to Martin, percentage football, play smart


We dont have the players for pissy passing poo


Just stop it


Boro could have beat us if they scored that chance earlier on too

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Just now, Kinder said:

Bolge’s a young kid who’s made a mistake in a highly pressured environment. No need for overreactions.

He's usually the most reliable. But the midfield seems to think their job is to stand and admire the creativity of Curtis Davies. 

Stop dropping it off at the feet of the back 5. They don't ever thrive on it. 

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That didn't really have anything to do with the principle of playing it out from the back (not that I'm a particular fan of it).  It had everything to do with poor decision making and a poor pass.  That was completely self-inflicted and little to do with Forest's 'press'.

Having said that, if you hoof it to the centre circle then Bogle doesn't get the opportunity to make the mistake.

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