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Van Cone De Head

Children’s TV

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2 hours ago, Paul71 said:

My wife wrote up when she was a little girl asking for jim to fix it for her to swim in chocolate..true story.

No idea how she never got picked.

All I can say is I look back now and think may be having a lightsaber fight alongside Luke Skywalker against Darth Vader and the Emperor wasn’t a good idea.

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Some great shouts in here.  A few I'll add :


button moon

the fraggles 

Johnny Briggs



olly the ox


Jace and the wheeled warriors

Galaxy high

Dungeons and dragons


Count duckula 

The wuzzles 

Games master

Never seen any of these shows since, so no idea how they'd survive the test of time, but made for a happy childhood.

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There was a kids show set in & around scary caves that freaked me out & for ages I could never remember what it was. I've only fairly recently found out it was: Into the Labyrinth.

OK, worst thing about kids TV (Maybe not so much of a problem nowadays) but over-acting precocious children. Pink Windmill kids always made me want to smash the TV. Why Don't You was bad for this as well.

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