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It's not the players or the manager, it's the kit


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10 hours ago, Dale The Ram said:

Umbro have got a long enough contract to slowly turn the black to blue, season by season, without anyone noticing.

Who knows... they may have started already 🧐


In all seriousness though to change the black to blue the logo, stadium, marketing, chants etc will all have to change and would cost a few million - of which would be better used elsewhere

Cant we use that ta offset ffp mi owd

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1 hour ago, IslandExile said:



In fact, in that one frame, you can immediately see what's lacking in the current side.

No, I don't mean a rock solid defence and a highly creative midfield.... It's the blue and white kit with a simple, clean and elegant design.

Sure, having players of the quality of Roy McFarland, Colin Boulton, Bruce Rioch, Colin Todd and Archie Gemmill would also help a little.

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13 hours ago, Ken Tram said:

I was amazed how close the result was. 

Either way, can we ditch the zebra stripes?

Only 72 votes so far (assuming you're referring to this poll) so, not really a big enough sample size to draw any conclusions.

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On ‎02‎/‎09‎/‎2019 at 16:29, King Kevin said:

The season I will never forget ,we beat Forest 2-0 away 4-0 at home ,Leicester 3-0 at home 2-0 away and Notts 6-0 in the Cup.If my memory serves me well.

And winning the league and Forest getting relegated.

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