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Derby Lad

Player shirts

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I’ve been trying to get a shirt for my son from one of the players for a while now but it seems that every time we ask they just say that they can’t do it. Have the players now been told to stop giving shirts away to fans after games because for the most part of last season there were quite a few young lads receiving shirts from the players after games. Is there anywhere or any place where me and my son should wait to get a shirt (eg; by the dugouts/ or when the players are warming down) ?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated 


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Without knowing anything about you or your lad (in case this comes across insensitive) the players generally are told not to give away shirts unless for a special reason. 

The risk of resale of match worn shirts is pretty high and the only ones I saw given away last year were to disabled fans or for a particular reason. You might get lucky one day and catch them in a good mood but otherwise you don't have much chance. 

Good luck trying though, maybe make a sign to hold up of your lads favourite player to be seen better otherwise there's not more you can do 👍

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