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Cocu needs time to work his magic

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9 minutes ago, Duracell said:

This isn’t the same as Clement ball at all. The passing isn’t as safe as under him and we’re much quicker at moving the ball. Lack of width is why that’s not turning into enough in the final third.

The boredom of Clement was caused by a rigid system of possession-based football reliant on individual talent without enough individual talent. I mean, when we had Warnock, Johnson and Weimann on the left...I’ve seen fussball players with more dynamic movement.

I think part of the problem under Clement, as you allude to, is we ended up with a left side of the team who couldnt really play that possession combined with a fairly static team (especially in the midfield) made us very easy to defend against.

I'm not particularly worried about that under Cocu because he's talked about on several occasions about how it's not just having the ball but what you do with it. 

I think the sluggish in playing style has more to do with available personal, getting his ideas across and possibly focusing more on controlling games and having a good shape. 

Plus even though we've not been exciting we have been carving out chances and there are signs of what the "plan" is (2nd goal against Huddersfield and 1st goal against stoke for example).

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