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v WBA (H) Match Thread

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1 minute ago, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

I haven't seen a waghorn penalty that has impressed me...seems to score by accident.

The last one he scored before today at Stoke was very fortunate to beat the goalie

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Honestly don’t think we’ve been any better than Tuesday night here, just been a bit luckier. We Weren’t awful on the whole in either game, but again today we’ve made a lot of truly awful defensive errors- just they’ve gone unpunished so far. We seem incapable of being switched on all the time, far too much clocking off and giving the ball away with half arsed passes handing West Brom chances. Occasionally we pull together a very good move, but we still seem to lack any real creative spark still. Wasting chances by making the wrong decisions. Midfield still isn’t good enough for me, too static- that’s the cost of not improving that area enough in the window. It’ll cost us imo because they’re nowhere near good enough for us to carry the creative threat we need to score enough goals.

Also, ffs please get waghorn off pens. Can’t keep gifting the opposition a reprieve because we can’t convert them. Right let off and it’s cost us points before and could well do again here if we’re not careful. Like our last number 9 all over again

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9 minutes ago, GenBr said:

Buchanans not had a great deal to do so far - most of their threat is coming from their left.

Very tentative going forward, and crossing behind for a goalkick. Then he was alone  in defence, no one within thirty yards and he just whacked it upfield without looking, inviting a dangerous attack. Malone would have been crucified for that. If Bachanan gets to the hour mark I think that's enough, will give him confidence and we can bring the senior pro back in.

Meanwhile an excellent tackle by Knight on the edge of our box. Rams pressed in and desperate defending at the moment. We need to get the ball upfield and hold it,

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