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reverendo de duivel

If Kieran Dowell is the answer, what is the question?

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When he first signed, I thought it was an underwhelming one. He had squad player written all over him.

In the two games I've seen, I haven't seen very much from him to change that view.

But by the same token, it's a long season and we have played four games in total.

The signs aren't promising, but maybe he needs one game and one performance to kickstart his season.



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Pretty average IMO.

Along with our wide players, if Cocu manages top six with this lot he’s pulled off a miracle. 

Rooney and January cant come fast enough 

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Posted (edited)

I'm not a fan so far. I hope it's because he's trying too hard but if the Rams were a Roman army then Dowell would be a skirmisher

Sent forward to harass the enemy and soften them up. 

He doesn't seem to have a killer instinct in the final third. Mount would see a pass that cuts a team open. Wilson would see a gap to shoot through. Travel back in time and Ward would see an opening to wriggle through. Bryson would see a space to attack. I mean Lawrence would dribble through a brick wall. 

Dowell plays a nice game. One where nobody will try and tackle him and somebody else is bound to create a chance.

He's nothingness. Along with FloJo he's listening to Bob Marley and making peace for John Lennon. 

100% deserves more opportunity. He's not been especially bad. He's young and it's a new club. 

But yeah, to evaluate his contribution so far... not very good. A passenger not a playmaker. 

However there are times he's not helped by Lawrence playing on his own again and Waghorn has the first touch of Connor Sammon. 

Basically the front 4 haven't been poor but they don't really help each other. No great understanding/partnerships look to be developing. 

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I do think it's a little early to be writing his season off. It's a step up for him and will take a while for him to find his feet, to understand the pace and strength of the championship, and to adapt. If after 12-15 games he's still making the same mistakes, I'll be worried. At the moment I think I can see a good player in there, so let's get behind him.

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Dowells problem is he is following perhaps 3 of the best loans ever at the club, and he is filling Mason Mounts boots. I saw him against Swansea and I think he did well enough and he's the best option in that role. We will know more in 10-15 games time, too early to be concerned for me.

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6 minutes ago, paintingstandsatderby said:

Feel it's a battle between him and zoon for early scapegoat of the season. Give them time and Sir Phillip of Cocu will have them playing like world beaters!

Dowell I can see why you'd think that.

Zoon looks like he's never played at this level before, never mind above it, quite how a wide forward doesn't position himself to stop the ball down the line I don't know, but he somehow manages it.

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