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v Stoke City (A) Match thread

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I don’t think our pre-season helps in times like this. No surprise that we look clueless and disjointed trying to play a formation that’s new.

We played, what, 2 pre-season games with our actual first team? These are lessons we shouldn’t be learning in a competitive game.

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8 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

Dowell did some good stuff at the start of this game but I'm really not sure about him. He seems so lightweight 

That counts as a shot for him. Not sure he's any better than what we have. 

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Posted (edited)

Yellow for Smith, Yellow for Lawrence, Yellow for Jozefzoon. 

From the replay, I think Jozefzoon is lucky to not be off. looked like he put a boot into the back of Ince's knee. 

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Jozefzoon pushes into Ince by Allen. Jozefzoon gets up to apologise to Ince. Ince gets stroppy and throws his handbags around. Stoke RB separated Jozefzoon and Ince. Lawrence separated the RB and Jozefzoon. Then a bit of a free-for-all

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