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v Stoke City (A) Match thread

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1 minute ago, Van der MoodHoover said:

Sooo....what des Cocu do now?

we haven't exactly drawn Stokes sting and frustrated them, quite the reverse in fact having got the bonus of a lead.

Should we put Bielik in instead of Hudds to try and get some control? knight instead of dowell who sounds disappointing?

lets be bold.....

We have a tactically thinking manager, i trust him to read the game correctly.  Has shown he is not afraid of making substitutions at halftime

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Afte 10-15 minutes I would have said we looked good, but we dropped off dramatically.

I'm not sure how went to them taking speculative 40 yarders to penning us in.

Roos has dallied with the ball at his feet a couple of times and scared me, Clarke's been done by his man a couple of times. They are more physical than us and players like Lawrence are being shoved off the ball. Lots of players drifting around out of position. Lots of sloppy balls (or players not making the right runs). Dowell probably had more touches than anyone but nothing really worthwhile. Really annoyed at him on one of our last attacks - whoever was bringing the ball forward to the edge of the final third, lost an option because he was just standing behind the ref, 30 seconds later we could have used him on the edge of the box, but I'm not sure he'd moved.

Keogh looks solid, Evans getting around a bit, and Lowe showing endeavor. 

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, Abu Dhabi Ram said:

Positives - somehow we only conceded 1. Lowe and Keogh looking good. Josefzoon looking tricky.


Not enough presence in midfield. Evans Huddlestone and Dowell not working. 

Lawrence - our worst player, lost most 50/50s and given the ball away frequently. 

I would change Lawrence for Paterson and Evan's for Bielik. Maybe Knight for Huddlestone later on.


I want to love Lawrence, he works hard, he tries to drive with the ball, get us up the park and when he scorers they’re usually excellent and important 

however, I truly can’t stand players that are cheap with the ball, and he’s not just cheap he’s another level of losing it needlessly.

what compounds it is that he clearly has an abundance of ability, a lovely touch, nice technique etc etc yet he sacrifices possession needlessly so so often  it makes me want to cry 

and for that reason he’ll never get invited to the Nottsram love club 

expect his second half performance to go down hill when he finds out this shocking revelation lol

Edited by NottsRam77

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22 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

Disagree that it was against the run.

Stoke haven't done much with the ball, but they had the majority of it for the 10 minutes prior to the goal. 

At 0-1 it was all Derby.  Can't help thinking we have let them in, and I'll be surprised to see Zoon in the 2nd half.

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6 minutes ago, CHCDerby said:

I think I’d take Lawrence off at HT and don’t bring anybody on. That should improve is by about 10%. 

His work rate is terrible and his contribution is non-existent 

Ince is showing him up at the moment.

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Sort of happy so far. We started well, lovely goal. Fairly even after that, but it was all Dtoke once they’d scored.

Referee poor yet again - turned down 2or 3 clear fouls on Derby players, gave a number of free-kicks for dives. A number of Derby players, Josefzoon in particular being dumped to the ground off the ball, with repeat offenders but nothing done about it. Then Malone, who was a bit naughty holding the ball from Stoke for their throw, is booked for his first offence. Nothing new then.

Overall I am happy to be 1-1 at half time, but we should be behind. Our football is better than last season with players appearing to know what they are doing, and the speed of thought is much quicker. We went a bit defensive/long ball after the goal, so we need a bit more of an upbeat attitude. And Beilik for Huddkestone to give us some momentum.

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Hmm this is an interesting line up change. Could we be doing overlapping CBs like Sheff Utd? Lowe and Zoon on opposite sides mean they're inside on the wings with the CBs (Bielik and Clarke) overlapping?

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