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Red Dogs Away

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Can the EFL and the police reduce the allocation on safety grounds?

It'd be a real shame.

Being the away end with 4,500 other Rams fans always makes for a memorable time.

Unless we lose 5-2, of course! 😂

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3 minutes ago, Rampage said:

Worst possible fixture to play tonight's team in. Cocu will do what Cocu wants to do.

He certainly will, don't think he will change the team much apart from giving a couple off the bench a start, then again i am not the manager. Be a baptism of fire for the youngsters if he sticks with them

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27 minutes ago, Ted McMinn Football Genius said:

Just a brief message to Mr. Cocu, please don’t play the youngsters in this one, smash these duckers off the park and lay the smack down early on the Treetards from down the way. 

COYR 🐏 🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏

Might just be perfect for them though 

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5 minutes ago, Boycie said:

 Surely he’ll not want to lose his first Local Derby game? 

Full strength team to match theirs I recon.

Don't reckon that would bother him, i think he is more focused on getting a settled team in the league and same as tonight play a side that's knocking on the door to get in the 1st team

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