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Derby blood

Stoke is now a sell out

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4 minutes ago, Pearl Ram said:

If you snooze you lose, on the bright side, you can get the hoover out tomorrow afternoon instead. 😉

I have no reason why I didn't get my ticket the day they were released, other than the fact I'm an idiot 😂

No thanks to hoovering!!!

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On 15/08/2019 at 00:25, uttoxram75 said:

At the risk of appearing to glorify hooliganism, (I'm really not, its just how it was back then), ive seen a few times at Stoke when its been a bit interesting....one time.....

back in the 70's, there was a game when Gordon Hill scored the winner for Derby late on, considering the twit scored against us in the 1976 FA Cup semi-final for Man Ure, it must have been 77 or 78. Anyway, there was a coach load of us in the "Paddock', the side terrace of the old Victoria Ground. We celebrated like salmon up a waterfall and laughed at the Stokies leaving the ground from their Boothen End when Hill smashed his goal in, until the said Stokies made there way into the very terrace we were celebrating in....they poured in to the back of us and a pretty intense bout of 70's style discourse took place until Staffordshire Constabulary thrashed some kind of order into the situation with their old fashioned, quaint, truncheons. Lovely pieces of crafted woodwork they were if a tad painful when in contact with a random elbow or knee.

The short journey back to our coach was also character building iirc.



Whilst I don't specifically recall the finer points (notoriously poor memory!), I'm sure to have been there, as that was "my era"... not missing a game, home or away, for 3 seasons ('77 to '80?).

I do recall some bother at the coach park.

Similar scenes for the walk back to the coaches at Luton too, and a somewhat "push-me-pull-you" to-ing and fro-ing along the back of the stand at Everton, although that was just a dozen of us, whilst you lot were on the terrace behind the goal!  (We thought we'd treat ourselves to seats!)  Thankfully on that occasion, it was only the locals who came into contact with the truncheons... although on this occasion, they had those newfangled steel "flick-sticks"!

Worst of the lot was my mate being all but stripped of his clothes* (all logo'd up with a Ram) by some "ten year olds" (We were 16/17) who not only claimed to be armed with knives, but also promised that "the big lads watching from the back would join in if need be". This was actually on the away terrace at Anfield, during the game, with the Rozzers also watching on, and clearly not hinting at being interested!  We got chased back through Stanley park, my mate in his underpants!   LOL


*DCFC Tracky Top.  DCFC Tracky bottoms.  DCFC replica shirt... oh, and Adidas trainers!  Left him in YFronts, plain white Tee, and a rather fetching pair of Jimmy Conners' Tennis socks! 
I was sooo glad we were poor... they didn't want any of my gear!  LOL!


To this day, that Scouse accent still makes my teeth itch!  ;-)


...anyway... the point of my post was to commend you on your writing skills.  Almost poetic, and brought a tear to my eyes!

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1 hour ago, Anna said:

I'm still in a huff that I didn't get mesen a ticket 😢

Have you rung the ticket office today? They often have last minute returns.

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1 hour ago, angieram said:

Have you rung the ticket office today? They often have last minute returns.

Thanks. I'm on the waiting list and haven't heard owt, have them a bell and no luck. I'll be listening on Rams TV 🙂

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