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v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread

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There seems to be a wide variety of opinions as to how we played last night, and how individuals performed, which is all good for a forum. Had to listen to the first half on Radio Derby because of my job, and expected to hear the "we should be 7 - 0 down by now" type of audio scribble, but it was actually quite positive in parts. But totally negative in others! Almost as much variation as in this forum!

I tried to get it on Rams TV, as I ended up in the Netherlands (cough cough), but it was not to be, but picked up a stream the size of a postage stamp for the second half. 

What struck me was the pace at which the match was being played, and which was kept up right to the end, and we played our part really well. The game was fairly evenly matched early on, but gradually we started to get more control, so given the number of cganges and the number of debuts/first starts, I thought we did really well.

What has impressed me is the way we play the ball out from the back with purpose, and move it well through midfield. IS this "the Derby Way" we've been looking for all these years? It actually looks pretty much like the way the under-23's played in their final against Arsenal, along with lethal finishing in front of goal - none of this side-to-side from the back stuff. Perhaps the first team squad should have been watching the youngster play. So great stuff tonight!

Last season saw a big improvement in Richard Keogh's performances, probably due to the influence of Jody Morris, but it is clear that Cocu has already had an influence on a load of players - the way we pass the ball about this season is a big improvement, with lots of first and second touch passing, and very little going astray, unlike last year when it was "finding our own player" which was the "very little", and we are way better for it.

Although there are criticisms of Paterson, he caught my eye because he was prepared to have a go rather than over-complicate things, or go for the easy option of passing to someone else. Knight was outstanding, as was Beilik, once he had settled down. I was puzzled by his CD position, although that was probably to keep some pace in the central defensive area, but at times he was playing both CD  and CDM at the same time. He is going to be one hell of a player for us!

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