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v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread

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2 hours ago, Ramarena said:

I'll always remember his time here fondly and I won't criticise him. However it's also no coincidence that he's struggled in the last couple of years with no manager here prepared to include him in their squads, he's also struggled to find a place out on loan too. 

Sad as he's always been a talented player, but I think his style increasingly doesn't suit the modern game!

And how bloody much did we miss someone who could hold the ball up and bring others into play tonight? 

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6 minutes ago, JfR said:

It's hardly fair on Boro though. How can they compete with teams that egregiously flout the FFP rules to get Paul Green, Chris Porter and two academy lads to beat them on penalties?

The Paul Green once of this parish and the Chris Porter with the dicky hip?

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Posted (edited)

You've got to love Cocu.

-He makes 11 changes.

-He starts five players who have come through the Academy.

-He gives playing time to seven of them in total.

-One of them scores the winner on his debut.

-We keep a clean sheet.

-We avoid a major upset.

-We remain unbeaten,

As Rampage would say, Cocu = what a guy!


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4 minutes ago, Alpha said:

I know many consider Sibely to be worthy of a spot in the squad but I think it's when he doesn't have the ball that will be holding him back. He's a thug. Nasty little fella 🤣 

Soon as he came on I bet the bloke at side of me a pint he’d get booked. Banker bet.

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My ratings

Hamer: 7 Good solid display, one great save.

Lowe: 7 Solid and a good attacking outlet.

Davies: 7 Solid, typical Davies.

Bielik: 7 Looked rusty, but will be a very strong player when fully fit. 

Buchanan: 8 Solid display defensively, good distribution and a great goal. 

Shinnie: 6, occasional moments, but not involved enough.

Paterson: 5, Not really sure what he brings that is different or better than what we have. Not really involved and missed a good chance.

Bird: 5 Looks neat and tidy, but didnt really influence the game. Needs game time, maybe a loan?

Knight: 8 Impressive, high energy display, showing good awareness and technical ability. Pushing for a first team spot.

Bennett: 6 lots of energy and some driving runs, plenty of talent, but I am not sure what is his best position. 

Marriott: 6 put in a shift, but never really looked at his best, similar to Waghorns performance Saturday. 


Evans: 7 Steady display and assist.

Sibley: 7 nice touches, gets well stuck in, unlucky with a couple of through balls.

Whitaker: 7 only on for a short time, but had several quality touches and looking to shoot. 


Good performance considering this was a new team with limited experience. We have a lot of potentially very good young players, the future is bright.

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Just now, Shang said:

Bogles out for a few weeks. Cocu on the radio says he played Lowe on the right so he can familiarise himself more to the position. He's gonna be our first choice RB for now.

Yeah. weeks rather than months, but Cocu didn't sound happy.

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2 minutes ago, Zag zig said:

Soon as he came on I bet the bloke at side of me a pint he’d get booked. Banker bet.

He's one of the most aggressive players you'll see isn't he.

Where some hard players will love a good 50:50 and some players would leave a foot in... he goes full on when the odds are stacked against him!! 

I laughed but he will end up injuring people with his tackling and it does him and us no good when he goes flying into stuff he can't win. 

Excited about him. But I can see why he's not getting a start. 

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Posted (edited)

Good performance, job done. Impressed with most of the academy lads. Great goal by Buchanan who played well, but Knight was the stand out. Whittaker and Sibley's cameos were impressive. As for the seniors, the starting front line never seemed to click but they grew into the game, especially Bennett. Bielik oozed class, expect to see him start at Stoke. Lowe looked good out of position too. 

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