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v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread

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Just now, Ghost of Clough said:

Add Anya in there and we’re playing our 5th choice RB. For 5th choice, he’s doing very well

I'd put Lowe ahead of Anya, personally. 4th choice is still far enough down for it to be impressive though 😄 


George Evans has come on for Bird at HT

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Posted (edited)

I know I should not, but...

Yes, Lowe is a more natural LB, yes Lowe would be more comfortable at LB, yes, Lowe has better control with his left foot. 

We have a shortage of healthy RBs at the club. 

We are playing Scunthorpe.

What a perfect chance to test a young lad at a spot, that could make us stronger as a team going forward, especially given he’s already played that spot. 

Lads. I am all for scrutinizing player performance, selection, progress, regression, etc.  But can we please bring some real world information to the debate (of which, we may not have much...and that’s ok.) 

Let us leave the vitriol at home. When much of the diagnosis seems to have been completed via Sofifa and/or FM, the discourse is rather light.


Edited by Hanny

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Just now, Ghost of Clough said:

Which is why Winks plays for one of the best teams in the country and Bird is trying to break through into a 2nd division side

Well yes, clearly, but I struggle to see anything in Bird. He's half okay, but he doesn't really do anything. You could forget he was on the pitch if it wasn't for his off target passes 

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Just now, Dimmu said:

It might be good but he is certainly saving it then. So many time he should've crossed with right just to switch it back to his left...

Even so he has been our best so far.

As I say I think he's less consistent crossing on his right, and as such he must lack confidence. If he ends up playing RB for a number of games, he'll grow into crossing more. Especially if he's training there. He's capable, I reckon. 

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2 minutes ago, Nick_Ram said:

Then we're completely changing our system to compensate for not having a right footed RB. 

I'd like to see Evans given a go at RB. Lets just hope Bogle is fit for Saturday. 

Why would we? Bogle cur inside every time into his weaker foot. Lowe is cutting inside on to his stronger foot. You keep going on about crosses yet Marriott is going to win a very small percentage of crosses.

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I think I would prefer to see Lowe to full effect as LB and given Bateman a go at RB. Buchanan could also then play in his natural CB position alongside Davies moving Bielik into DM where he could be even more influential. 

Great to see so many academy kids involved 👍

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I love that Marriott's aerial duel strategy is to crouch like a spring, on his toes, watching intently for the defender to fluff it. 😄 


FWIW, commentator agrees that Lowe did well in the first half.

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