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Genki Haraguchi

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5 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

No. Not as a tracked stat. It's just a way of explaining that a player can have regular impact without recording much in their stats columns.

Or clutching at straws lol


joking joking 😉

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46 minutes ago, JfR said:

To be fair, when the elements themselves are conspiring against him, it makes it very difficult:

Based on this, I'm sure some will be calling for Snow to be signed as first-choice goalkeeper 

It already keeps more clean sheets than Carson last season

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45 minutes ago, hintonsboots said:

I thought he'd just had a foot op.......To kyole surgery ?

Wheres me coat.

Sayonara, hb

Kyoto winning games is good crossing. Hah so.

Is Sam Urai available, cutting edge signing.

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Just sounds like another Jozefzoon from the descriptions so far? Can't say there's anything I've found particularly enticing about this potential move.

We should only be going for someone who adds something different to what we've already got or significantly improves on something we have. This doesn't look like it would do either?

35 minutes ago, DCFC1388 said:

I dont think assists are a great stat to judge someone on, a winger could put 10 pin point balls in only for a striker to miss every chance therefore it not being an assist, assists are as much about the finisher as they are the creator, chances created is a better stat to use maybe?

Chances created AKA Key Passes is even worse. At least an assist actually implies that the ball was played to somebody with a realistic chance of scoring, even if the scorer still had work to do.

Despite the name a 'key pass' doesn't take into consideration the quality of the ball or the area of the pitch it was in, it's literally "He passed it to someone who then went on to shoot" so you could be a really poo winger who runs out of ideas every time you're faced with an opposition full back, but play it 30 yards backwards into a central midfielder who loves a long range shot (even if it stands no chance of going in) and you've got yourself a little tick in the chances created column.

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48 minutes ago, NottsRam77 said:

Sounds similar to Simon Dawkins 

minimal goals return or assists but  does other things nicely 

I'd have Dawkins back now in a heartbeat.  So underrated cus he didn't score or assist very often.  Neither did Young Will...

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