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Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal

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This makes sense on two levels.

1. He’s still a quality footballer. Would be streets ahead of most in this league.

2. We are clearly looking for investment. That’s why we bought Cocu in and that’s why we will be bringing Rooney in (if it happens). He’s very marketable in US and Far East.

Mel is making sensible decisions. Rooney like lampard will probably cover the cost of his wages by all the extra sponsorship money, games shown abroad etc...

Big yes from me.

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I’ll buy him the patio set. I’ll be outside B and Q and pay for the van hire. .. just let me know when Wayne 

I’d love it, i’d Just love it. He’s a footballer and loves being one. He’s a street player from when he could walk. England’s top scorer. If your going to have 4 or 5 old boys in a youthful team let’s have England’s former no 1 



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No big deal LOL.

Not the first time we've had England's all-time international top-scorer on the books.

A certain Steve Bloomer headed that chart for decades!

The pitch-side statue would be watching Wayne very closely 👴

A positive, I'd say, should it happen - though we will have the media circus surrounding the club again; I'd hoped they had retreated to the Stamford Bridge hospitality suites for good.


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