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LIVE Football 19/20

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1 minute ago, Wolfie20 said:

Think Luton have wheeled out one of those cardboard cut-outs and stuck him in goal.....and we think we've got problems with Roos and Hamer.

They paid over a million quid for that imbecile.

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Just now, Carnero said:

Why do right backs keep allowing Lolley to cut inside onto his left foot? 😤

Hasn't he been playing on Florests' right  - against their left-back?

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17 minutes ago, reverendo de duivel said:

How did Jordan Henderson become the best English midfielder?

It's been a puzzle I couldn't comprehend so far, but after watching Liverpool closely in recent weeks he most certainly is.

Hard work and Jurgen Klopp ?

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What an awful, awful choice of game from the BBC for the FA Cup. A one-sided tie on paper made worse by the early sending off. (Not saying it wasn't one, btw. Except if it happens to a Derby player, of course.)

Now we have another 80 minutes of the BBC commentators just arse-licking Man City.

My sister doesn't have Sky and was looking forward to  a real cup tie - something a bit different. Instead of which she's having to suffer more of the same old, same old. BORING BBC.


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28 minutes ago, Sean said:

Tim Ream sent off for Fulham for the same thing Goode stayed on the pitch for on Friday 🤐

That was less of a challenge than the one on Marriott - so much for consistency. Mike Riley needs sacking - he was a crap ref and now is an even worse administrator.

Edited by Wolfie20

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