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v Huddersfield Town (A) Match Thread

Message added by David

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A game of two halves as they say, but this time, it was slightly different.... last few seasons we may have had a good half and then a shocker, this time we had a great 1st half, 2nd half we conceded possession as we have in previous years, the difference, did we look like conceding? No, we looked solid, even on corners and free kicks.. ????

The win was fab, the way we won it inspires some confidence, and we have players to come in too, im excited ATM....


P.S. i have never been a fan of TL, but i have to say he deserved his MoM, one of his best game for me, keep it up son 🙂


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If Tom Lawrence plays like that all season you can forget about Harry Wilson for £20m. Its a big if though. But that was the player we know he can be. All he needs now is consistency. Couple of players were poor tonight but not complaining because it was a good team performance. If Bielek is as good as they claim and Marriott can get on the pitch we have plenty to look forward too.

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Everything perfect tonight:

- 3 points

- Lawrence gets a huge confidence boost

- Clarke looks good, really good

- Lack of attacking quality, Joz poor. I’m happy because this is the only competitive game before the transfer deadline and fully expect Mel/Cocu to go and bring in a starter there.

- Midfield not balanced with Evans and Huddlestone and second half not enough options when we won it back.

Bielek and Holmes to come in. Marriott also available. 

Overall pretty happy.


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Brilliant, solid win. Made a little more nervous than it should’ve been but that’s the Derby way. Lawrence stepping up.

It dispels the pre-season concerns of our quality and standard of performance. Bielik to come in, a couple more signings to follow (hopefully), plus Rooney picking up the golden boot at the end of the season (definitely).

What’s not to look forward to? I can work my night shift happy now, oh how I’ve missed football.

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Just now, Srg said:

Anyone got the phone number for an open top bus company?

Try Nottingham.

Anyway Woohoo, watched in Skiathos on dodguy stream. Lost finger nails second half,great team performance. Not really sure about Zoon out there but hey we won.

No more assessments from me, just nearing midnight here and I’m onto the cocktails.

Yamas you Ramsssss, hangover time.


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