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The Derby County Show | Episode 1

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On 18/07/2019 at 17:40, Anna said:

I really enjoyed the pre and post shows and didn't feel they needed a change, but saying that I am open-minded and looking forward to seeing how the new setup works once we're back in the season 🙂 


Just coming back to say that I'm a very happy bunny with the new setup. Good work @OwenB87 🙂

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Yep RamsTV and everyone involved just keep on improving, keep moving on and upwards @OwenB87.

Me and my lad will be at Charlton Athletic away 19th October, would be great if your RamsTV camera folk can get some footage of the Aberdeenshire Rams flag. I'll try and stick it near the Swindon Rams flag, that's always on RamsTV when you pan into the Derby crowd.

Now as for one of them signed Rooney shirts.................

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The digital Green 'Un I guess....

(one for the teenagers, though those from pendants corner would rightly point out that the Green 'Un went out after the game. There, that sucked the fun juice completely out of that one)

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