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Iván Cavaleiro - Joined Fulham

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7 hours ago, Highgate said:

Dang! There goes the Shinniesta nickname I'd been working on. 

I wouldn’t worry about it, you can make any nickname stick if you want. We called Jake Buxton ‘Buckenbauer’ for a while. One of those players was a world class defender. The other was some German bloke

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9 hours ago, Srg said:

If you’re expecting creativity out of Shinnie, you’ve got the wrong man. 

Maybe, but what I did notice in that first friendly was that he had a decent 1st touch on a poor pitch & his first thought was a forward pass and he threaded some nice balls into the likes of Lawrence & Waghorn, yes i understand the opposition wasnt great but its the fact that he was trying them type of passes that make me hope he could have a bit of creativity in there

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Posted (edited)

Aye win some you lose some when competing against other teams in this division. They’ve probably been looking at him longer and their parachute money gives them the edge over us. Mind I was half expecting someone to sign him permanently right away, rather than a loan to perm. Obviously a done deal so this ones dead, though I’m not sure it was ever alive in the first place.

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