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Pre Season Friendly v Sarasota Metropolis

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8 minutes ago, RamsFan10 said:

Appears to be 4-2-3-1 this half. 


Bateman, Davies, Lowe, MacDonald

Hudds Thorne

Whittaker Marriott Bennett



Marriott playing a bit like Vydra under Rowett.

Probably the intention but is turning into a 4-4-2, as Marriott is alongside Martin most of the time now.

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5 minutes ago, rynny said:

Think the backline is

Bateman Davies Lowe MacDonald

Yep just noticed this, very surprised that Lowe is playing CB as that is Bateman’s normal position, and MacDonald has played there before. I assume Cocu couldn’t stomach a left footed right back. Surprised also that Fozzy didn’t get a game at CB this half instead. 

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Marriott just missed a 1-on-1

Never thought I’d utter those words

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Didn't think we were kicking off until 00:30 so only stumbled on the game at half-time. Does anyone know if Sarasota have also changed their team?

I remember reading that in Lampard's first preseason game the players did more "intense running" than in any league match under Rowett. Which frightened and impressed the new team in equal measure.

This looks a decent workout against weak opposition. The second-half team is moving the ball quickly without any penetration up top. That said, I expect Chrissy Martin to bag a couple as we go on. He loves scoring for Derby. Feel a little sorry for Sarasota who've not really touched the ball yet and we've played 16 minutes this half!

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Ah, we have the ball at their 1 yard line. Promising.

What's in the top rigt hand had corner btw. Is it a McDonalds or something?Every time the ball goes there play stops. Might be doing free filet of fish burgers which would explain it I suppose.

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