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Bounce no more...

The Bounce  

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As alluded to in another thread, I'm bored with the bounce now, and am more than happy for Frank to take it with him... or anyone else, for that matter!

It's boring.  It's childish.  (I'm a young 56!).
Whether you want to listen to Rangers fans, Wendies fans, or Zebedee & Dougal fans, either way, it's stolen/unoriginal.

Worst of all, it don't even support/encourage the team!  It's either anti-Fo*est, or just there to deride our own fans who don't jump up, depending on how you look at it!

Let's find something more supportive of our own.  Something more positive towards DCFC.
Let's find something less embarrassing for anyone who is no longer in their teens.
Let's give Mel a break, from probably being the worst bouncer in history!

I've made my decision... This coming season, I'm gonna make a stand... by remaining seated! 
(I won't look out of place tbf, in my seat in the heart of the NE Cauldron!)  😉

No more bouncing for me.  No more asking the manager/players/Mel to start it.
If I get accused of "Being a red", then I'll show 'em my ar5e, which is as white as the next man's!


Who's with me?  Who's had enough of the bounce?  Who else is gonna "Stay seated to make a stand"! 

...Who else has a white ar5e?






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Posted (edited)

Yep totally agree, so cringeworthy and embarrassing!

Belongs in a Victorian lunatic asylum performed by people who have had full frontal lobotomy’s carried out on them against their will.


Edited by loweman2

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1 minute ago, AdamRam said:

Why get rid of something that brings a feel good factor to both the club and the fans.


Past tense.  History.  Ceased to be.  'Tis no more.  Old hat.  Franked.  

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Just now, Mucker1884 said:


Past tense.  History.  Ceased to be.  'Tis no more.  Old hat.  Franked.  

It was here before Frank and will continue to be here after him, there will be some that don’t like it,  that’s going to be irrelevant though.

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1 minute ago, jimbo jones said:

steve coogan shrug GIF

There should be a third option in the poll...

Always one moaning! 

The third option is click show results, that way you fence sitters don't have to vote but can see the results.

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