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What car are you?

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On 06/07/2019 at 09:02, 1of4 said:

How I'd describe Derby as a car.

In good condition generally, Drives well but sometimes finds corners difficult to handle. As at times misfired and even stall for some unknown reason. Just had a new management control unit fitted, still needs some parts replacing that are faulty or were previously wrongly fitted and the engine requires a re-tune. Body work as been given a new coat of paint. Presently having a full yearly service.

But as we have spent a fortune on it over the last few years at main dealers, the service is now being carried out by a foreign bloke who is going to use some spares he found knocking around in your garage. It looks like they might fit and are still in their packaging all shiny, new and won’t cost a penny. Word has it he’s a gifted mechanic but we’ll have to see 

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7 minutes ago, HantsRam said:

Now is that emphasising your split personality, your eco friendly "make do and mend" attitude or is it just handy for a  bunk-up? 🤣

All of it, mate 😀

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