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Dale The Ram

Congrats Nick Nurse

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Wow what an achievement! I remember the name from when BBC Radio Derby used to cover the team back in the 90s... was he there during the Mike Horton years?

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55 minutes ago, jimbo jones said:

Yeah I know, but they’ve never been in the “top” league or had the coverage that Storm had back in the day.

That year they had the nutty American's it looked like they could even be national champions, I think it was under Jeff Jones (or sonething like that) the American coach & Mike Horton.



Apparently dubbed the Wild Boys of British Basketball by the media, the 1998/99 Derby Storm season was a controversial, albeit successful one for Derby

They were Uniball Trophy finalists, but performances on the court were overshadowed by a number of disciplinary issues throughout the season.

This real nice highlight reel that cropped up on YouTube this week from their season was mainly shot at Moorways Derby, and includes an in-prime Yorrick Williams in his only season there (averaged 17.3ppg in 24 appearances)."


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