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Suggestions for the next Derby manager

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59 minutes ago, peachmyster said:

Steve Holland stats 



Date of Birth:Apr 30, 1970

Place of Birth:Derby  


Citizenship:  England

Avg. term as manager:3,08 Years

Coaching Licence:UEFA Pro Licence




ClubAppointedIn charge untilPositionMatchesPPM

 England16/17 (Oct 1, 2016) expected - Assistant Manager--

Assistant Manager of: Gareth Southgate (35 Games)

 England U2113/14 (Aug 29, 2013) 16/17 (Sep 30, 2016) Assistant Manager--

Assistant Manager of: Gareth Southgate (33 Games)

 Chelsea11/12 (Jul 1, 2011) 16/17 (Jun 30, 2017) Assistant Manager--

Assistant Manager of: José Mourinho (136 Games),  Rafael Benítez (48 Games),  Antonio Conte (47 Games),  Roberto Di Matteo (42 Games),  André Villas-Boas (40 Games),  Guus Hiddink (27 Games)

 Chelsea Res.09/10 (Aug 12, 2009) 10/11 (Jun 21, 2011) Manager371,65

 Stoke City08/09 (Mar 6, 2009) 09/10 (Aug 11, 2009) Youth Co-ordinator--

 Crewe Alexandra07/08 (Jul 1, 2007) 08/09 (Nov 18, 2008) Manager660,98

 Crewe Alexandra98/99 (Jul 1, 1998) 06/07 (Jun 30, 2007) Youth Co-ordinator--

 Crewe U1892/93 (Jul 1, 1992) 

Thought he was born in Stockport???

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What about Sol Campbell? Did a great job at Macclesfield, well connected in the game, clearly doesn't need the money and must be wanting a more high profile job now.

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I would be happy with monk. The job he did with Birmingham last season was outstanding.  Hughton is a no Brainer. However both may not play attractive enough football. 

Simpson could be worth a shot.

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Chris Hughton is successful at this level and a top guy. He’d be my first choice. 

Second would be Darren Wassall, think he deserves a go if all else fails, he only had 2 stinkers in his games as manager.

At least we won’t have a manager who thinks recruiting Alan Hutton and Sammy Ameobi is promotion winning material......

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If he won the women's world cup how about Phil Neville? 

It looks like he tries to play good football and has more experience of management than Frank did.  


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, BramcoteRam84 said:

Watch back Brighton dismantling us with knockaert running riot and see if you have the same opinion. Also go back and watch his Newcastle team. 

Just because he plays a big man up front doesn’t mean he’s route 1 pragmatism, or did you not watch the football under Mac 1 with Chris Martin as focal point? 

The idea Chris Hughton is a pragmatist in the mould of Rowett Pearson and Pulis is complete and utter nonsense.

Which isn't what I said.

His teams play decent against weak opposition by first and foremost asserting their physical dominance, whether that's force or workrate. It doesn't work in the league above though, so you're reduced to the poo he was producing last season.

I'm not saying he plays AWFUL football in the Championship, but again you're kidding yourself if you think the football they played was somehow exquisite passing football.

Exquisite passing teams don't get promoted and then change their entire playing style just because of the opposition. 

They may have 'dismantled, a Derby side but a Derby side with a notoriously weak, feeble spine who don't like it up em. Flat track bullies.

Chris Martin and Glenn Murray aren't the same player, you can't play the ball to Martin above chest height if you want him to do anything with it, with Murray you can.

Knockhaert is a player who's far too good for this league, that doesn't mean that the rest of their players were footballing marvels but you could rely on a player like that to win you points - the same can't be said of anyone in our squad.

His Newcastle side.. Newcastle basically spent ducking years building a squad out of strong, athletic players with some footballing ability. Biggest budget, a team that probably shouldn't even have been relegated based in the actual quality of their side. Anything other than winning the league with them would have been abject failure.

I'm not even that against the idea of him managing us, though I am a little bit, just think people are exaggerating on both sides of the argument.

There have been some very convincing arguments in his favour, I just know that whenever I saw Brighton in the promotion season they bored me, you just knew they'd pull something out the bag though, whether it skill or a jammy goal from an opposition mistake after constant harrassment. 

Not once did I enjoy watching them play.

Edited by Coconut

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2 hours ago, gccrowdpleaser said:

I get the feeling something big is going to happen. 

We're either going to get a real exciting manager 

Or FL is going to talk to Chelsea but turn it down.

I still wouldn't put the latter beyond the bounds of possibility. He's a PR machine and this early in his career he could lay down a huge statement re Loyalty.

There has to be a reason Mel has agreed to go on Talksport.

Appearance fee tips us the right side of ffp👍

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One positive potentially about Monk. Played two upfront for Birmingham so there’d be a good chance of Waghorn, Marriott partnership 

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