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Premier League 19/20

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15 minutes ago, David said:

Amazon Prime subscribers, few games heading your way. Some tasty games in there, no doubt Sky and BT will increase the price of their subscription packages in response to losing games.


Will John Terry be taking a week off from coaching Villa ahead of the Chelsea game?

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If Pogba wants to leave, the best thing United can do is sell Pogba. Doesn't matter how good he is on his day, he's not a player I would want around that didn't want to be there. Some of his performances under Mourinho were woeful, you run the risk of devaluing your prize asset.

I would be on the phone to his agent this morning, find him a club that is willing to pay our valuation which is £Xm and we'll pack his bags for him. 

PSG, Real or Barca being the 3 realistic destinations, unless he's willing to kill his career and take a money move over in China, but not sure any club over there would be able to pay the fee and wages needed to bag him.

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Wtf are the Scottish sun on?! Don’t think you need to read much of that to know it’s ********. I mean McGinns a great player but he’s barely worth 15m yet alone 50m! And I know united aren’t what they were but I’m pretty sure they’re not at the level where McGinn is a good signing for them! It’s a wonder how these stories get published.

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