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Ve day bank holiday

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1 hour ago, Wolfie said:

Labour are still promising the UK's saint's days will be made bank holidays, so that's another one on 23rd April. Stupidly close to Easter & May Day.

Scrap the two Easter holidays then. He died yonks ago, barely worth the effort nowadays. 

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10 hours ago, ariotofmyown said:

True, but it is clearly the worst bank holiday. Too soon after Easter and too close to the End of May one. Another in late July when the weather is better would be good. Or maybe end of October to mean we didn't just have one holiday in the 7 months between end of May and Xmas.

Why don't politicians just give us more. A real vote winning. Fk business.

Nah.  Best bank holiday by a mile. Cricket season's just started, footie's reaching a climax, just had Easter (usually), end of May BH to look forward to, weather's starting to get better.  Oh, and my birthday's on May 2nd.  Can't beat it.  Up the workers.

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