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The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.

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2 hours ago, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

Fair play to Forest.

It’s indicative of life as a forest fan. 

Stress and anxiety issues can effect us all, but I imagine it effects those in Nottingham slightly more. 

Never knowing what insane thing your owner might do next, constantly watching out for the next gun wielding nutter. You’d be in a constant state of anxiety. 

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4 minutes ago, David said:

One for the future. Fan favourite, name on the back of their shirts.


Not as bad as when Matt Derbyshire played for them. Felt a weird sense of betrayal when he popped up there.

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Another batch of big ticket Portuguese lads come over and (early signs are) fail to make an impact.

It's almost as if their owner was running some massive money laundering scheme with the help of his agent friend and some tame clubs in Portugal.


Of course that's clearly not the case. No way is anything dodgy going on. So far as I know, he's been cleared of all drug importation and other gangsterish charges, and with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and complete faith in the Greek legal system it's case closed for me. Totally legit.

They do look an odd bunch to bring in though.

Anyroadup. Wide open tonight. If WBA still had last season's strikers it'd have been a landslide.

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8 minutes ago, irobinson said:

Forest were crap today 

Gassed themselves out after 15 minutes. They normally manage around 15 games so Lambrini is definitely taking them backwards.

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